Studying Effect of Social Factors on Marketing Management among Livestock Product Industry from Managers and Experts Viewpoint


1 Department of Agriculture, Ashtian Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ashtian, Iran

2 Department of Agriculture Extension and Education, College of Agricultural and Development, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Marketing as success factor is at ever-growing center of attention by governmental and private organizations and nowadays, marketing is turned into a complicated philosophy for establishing dynamic relations of organizations with desired markets. The livestock section is regarded as most important section in economy of Iran and marketing livestock products in comparison to other products has higher level of complexity and problems and one of the necessary requirements of directors and organizations, is to undersigning and developing marketing plans for products and services. In this research in order to obtain designed goals, it is benefit from statistical society consisting of 184 managers and 56 experts among conversion industry of ministry of agriculture and shows that from viewpoint of directors, level of influence of social factors on improving marketing of livestock product is at medium to high level and from viewpoint of experts, the influence of social factors is at high level.