The Effective Management and Professional Factors on Farmers Satisfaction of Agricultural Engineering Services Companies (With the Service Marketing Approach)


1 Ph.D. Student, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural marketing. , Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Food Industry

2 Assistance Professors, Islamic Azad University, Dezful Branch, Agriculture College, Dezful, Iran.

3 Assistance Professors, Islamic Azad University, Abhar Branch, Agriculture College, Abhar, Iran


In the current condition of the changing world, business corporations in competing with other competitors seek to reach a prominent position through achieving advantages. Marketing advice is one of the most important services these companies make. On the other hand, service consumers are constantly seeking suppliers who offer far better services, understanding this distinction would be of help in the selection process of the required services and will help customers choose better suppliers and pay more money in return to receive good services; for this reason, customers' satisfaction should constantly be measured and evaluated. The main objective of this study is investigation management and professional factors affecting farmers' satisfaction. The study adopts a descriptive method; inferential statistics were also used to analysis the data. 290 wheat-farmers were selected as the population of the study. The farmers were under the agricultural and engineering services companies in Islam abad gharb, a town with the population of 16900. Findings showed that was a significant relationship between independent variables of farming activities record, the amount of information from the organization chart of the agricultural and engineering companies, social contribution, activity level, as well as how company experts act and the dependent variable of the study (satisfaction). Furthermore, stepwise multiple regression test showed 23.5% of the dependent variable (satisfaction from agricultural and engineering companies) variation could be explained by variables such as: (the amount of information from organization chart of agricultural and engineering companies, the activity level, how company experts act as well as farming activities record); The rest 76.5% depend on other factors not investigated in this research.