Providing a Comprehensive Framework of Strategy Development on Promotion of Urban Environmental Management in District 22 of Tehran Municipality

Document Type : Original Article


Increasing population growth and urbanization problems require an environmental management with a strategic approach. The purpose of the study is to investigate how urban environmental management in the district 22 of Tehran is in order to promote. In this regard, the Fred.R.David `s Strategy Comprehensive Approach was used. In the first stage were used the preparation of the statement of macroeconomic goals and objectives, at the input stage, the external evaluation matrices and internal factors evaluation. At the comparative stage,  to identify the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities of the matrix, and then to determine the status of management and to propose the best kind of strategy The modified position matrix and IE matrix were used. Ultimately, the QSPM matrix was used to execute the decision making process. According to the findings of the research and the final score of less than 2.5 determined in the environmental management of the municipality of district 22 of Tehran, the strengths and opportunities obtained to overcome the disadvantages and threats have not been properly used and the type of strategy, defensive. The results showed that three strategies, “Evaluation of Areas Requiring Protection”, “Reforming Legal and Organizational backgrounds, Reforming Organizational Structure and Integrated Urban Management are the most important Promotion strategies for urban management.