Investigating the Impact of Corporate Culture on Relational Marketing (Case Study: Selected Subsidiaries of Saipa in Tehran)

Document Type : Original Article


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between corporate culture and affiliate marketing at Saipa Company. The statistical population of this study is all employees and managers of Saipa subsidiaries based in Tehran. The sample of the study consisted of 9 people who were selected by simple random sampling. The questionnaire was used for data collection and its validity was confirmed by content analysis. The significance of the relationship between the independent variables (corporate culture dimensions) and the dependent variable (relational marketing) was tested by Pearson's correlation method and the significance of all relationships was confirmed. A regression test was used to investigate the simultaneous effect of independent variables. The results showed that all three types of separation, quasi-separation and zero correlation for teamwork with marketing variables were more than commitment and after commitment more than consequentialism.