Investigating Factors Affecting Customer Acceptance in Using Applications in the Digital Product Marketing Platform

Document Type : Original Article


The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors affecting customer acceptance of using applications in the context of digital marketing of mobile products. This research is quantitative research with the purpose of application and descriptive survey strategy. The statistical population of the research is Bamilo customers in Tehran. The sample was calculated based on the Cochran formula of 384 people. The researcher used random cluster sampling to select the sampling method. The validity of the research questionnaire was obtained through face validity (expert opinion) and construct validity (confirmatory factor analysis test) and its reliability through Cronbach's alpha coefficient. In this research, data analysis was performed by a path analysis test. The results showed that overall technology readiness had a significant effect on 5 variables of customer attitude, perceived usefulness, ease of use, excellent performance, and perceived compliance. Also, understanding the usefulness has a significant effect on customer attitude and customer desire. In addition, four variables of ease of use, excellent performance, perceived compliance and store reputation have a significant impact on customer attitude. Also, three variables of ease of use, excellent performance and perceived compliance have a significant effect on perceived usefulness.