Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, June 2020 
6. Presenting A Model of the Social Factors Effective in the Service Quality of the Municipalities of Mazandaran

Pages 60-76

Hamed Enshaei; Hamdollah Manzari Tavakoli; Sanjar Salajegheh; Masoud Pourkiani; Hojat Babaei

9. Identifying and Prioritizing the Components of Organizational Excellence Model in Bushehr Maritime Command

Pages 109-120

Mohammad Musa - Khorshidi; Abdul Mohammad Taheri; Alireza Ghasemi Zad

11. Studying the Status of Insurance Employees Stress Components and their Management in the Social Security Organization

Pages 137-145

Reza Shojaeian; Saeed Sayadi; Farzaneh Bigzadeh Abbasi; Hamdollah Manzari Tavakoli

12. Presentation of an Operational Budgeting Model in Crisis Management

Pages 146-168

Shohrehosadat KarimiJahromi; Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh; Abbas Saleh Ardestani

14. Designing the Pattern of Administering Reform Policies in the Islamic Republic of Iran`s Administrative System

Pages 190-209

Shabnam Vaziri; Sanjar Salajegheh; Farzaneh Beigzadeh; Masoud Pourkiani

15. Identifying the Indicators of Managers' Competency and Investigating Their Status in Iran Insurance Branches

Pages 210-220

Hamid Nemati; Hamdollah Manzari Tavakoli; Sanjar Salajegheh; Masoud Pourkiani; Ayob Sheykhi

18. Studying the Status Organizational Health in Medical Universities of Kerman

Pages 247-265

Jamileh Rayani; Hamdollah Manzari Tavakoli; Sanjar Salajegheh; Zahra Shokooh; Samaneh Mehdizadeh

19. Identifying the Components of Professional Ethics and Examining Their Status in the Social Security Organization

Pages 266-274

Abdolreza Soltani Nezhad; Alireza Manzari Tavakoli; Sanjar Salajegheh; Masoud Pourkiani

20. Determining the Relationship Between Personality Type and Two-factor Theory with Motivation at Work

Pages 275-289

Mehran Nazari; Saeed Sayadi; Masoud Pourkiani; Mohammad Jalal Kamali

21. A Model for Factors Involved in Human Resource Productivity in the Affiliated Offices of a Government Organization

Pages 290-304

Mehdi Sadeghi Fard; Saeed Sayadi; Masoud Pourkiani; Sanjar Salajegheh; Hojat Babaei

22. Identifying the Components of Organizational Culture in the - Commercial Refah Bank

Pages 305-313

Hossein Shabani; Masoud Pourkiani; Sanjar Salajegheh; Saeed Sayadi; Hojat Babaei