Aims and Scope

Agricultural Marketing and Commercialization (AMC) is an international journal publishing Research Papers, Short Communications, and reviews on Marketing and Commercialization and related area. The journal covers all related topics on Marketing and Commercialization. Papers are welcome reporting studies in all aspects of Agricultural Marketing and Commercialization include:

- The Economic Decision-making
- The Development of technology, Farm management, AND Farming systems
- supply raw materials/Food waste
- Green revolution agricultural production
- The interaction among producers, market functionaries, consumers, and government
- The efficiency process and Life cycle assessment/Family and social enterprise/
- Reduction in the cost of marketing And Price detection
- Bringing a new variety, qualities, and beneficial goods to consumers
- Scientific and systematic process/ICT and IoT in agriculture
- Stimulate the growth of Agro-based industries, mainly in the field of processing
- new technical knowledge and induce farmers to adopt up-to-date scientific methods of cultivation
- The modes of operation of some of the major types of agricultural and food marketing enterprises
- Affected by Disaster (Flood, Drought) / Low Productivity/ Strategic planning/ risk management
- Lack of Capital/ Money/ Fund/ Irrigation/ Agricultural Land/ Insufficient Food/ Crops Destroyed, Climate change (Diseases, Insects etc.)
- Environmental policy and management/ Education and training/ Rural tourism and recreation