Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2 - Serial Number 10, December 2021 

8. Investigating the factors affecting customers' satisfaction with Pegah dairy products

Pages 117-130

Fahimeh khosravani; Azita Zand; Behrooz Saraie; Ali Ebrahimi

10. The Economic Productivity of Water Consumption in Damask Rose Cultivation Compared to Other Crops in Solan

Pages 142-153

Jaswant Bhardwaj; Prem Sunil Puri; Shashank Prasad; Jaswant Bhardwaj

11. The Exploration of the Effective Management Characteristics on the Greenhouse Efficiency in the Greenhouse Town of Zaporizhzhia

Pages 154-164

Maryna Vyshnevska; Nataliia Gerasymchuk; Vasil Sabluk; Ziv Baida; Myrin Borysenko; Oksana Voitovska

12. Identifying and Explaining the Factors Affecting Perfectionism in Managers

Pages 165-177

Tayebeh Malazm; Hossein Peymanizad; Mohammad Reza Esmaeilzadeh Ghandehari; Hassan Fahim Davin

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